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Continuous Integration for iPhone/Xcode projects

I just committed an initial pass at an Xcode builder for CruiseControl. If you want to try it out you’ll need to get the latest code from svn. Right now the plugin is extremely rudimentary: it has only the single attribute ‘directory’ which is where it will invoke xcodebuild. Here’s an example from config.xml for […]

CruiseControl 2.8 Released

As of Wednesday night CruiseControl 2.8 is available for download (full release notes). I’ve got a good feeling about this release because unlike a lot of releases I have the feeling that we’re doing more than adding feature and fixing bugs (though we did that too). This release felt like we were paying off technical/hygiene debt […]

A Quick AlphaLabelIncrementer

On the CruiseControl users mailing list Adam asked for a simple label incrementer that would work with a single character in a series (“a”, “b”, “c”, etc.). Simple enough, but not worth adding to the project, so here it is, test (first) and code. (Suggestions for better sites for sharing code snippets?)