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Monthly Archives: June 2008

Blog recursion

Rob Hunter blogged about my blog entry on the iPhone meetup where he showed off Scribular. I remember just enough of my one semester of Scheme to find this blog entry funny.

Post-WWDC iPhone Developers Meetup

Last night I attended a really neat event, the Silicon Valley iPhone Developers mislabeled WWDC Roundup. The only way for the title to make sense is that the speakers were people that organizer Tim Burks (creator of the cool Nu programming language) was able to roundup at WWDC. The panel was composed of: David Abramson, […]

WatirCraft announced

Bret Pettichord announced his next big thing yesterday: WatirCraft, a company around the popular testing library Watir. In his announcement Bret explained that WatirCraft is making a few bets: “We are betting that we can build a business around making testers successful with automated testing.” “Pete and I are making a bet …[on] the vision […]

Heading to Melbourne

In a couple of days I’ll be heading down to Melbourne for CITCON‘s 2008 Asia-Pacific event. While I’m there I’ll also be visiting the Victorian Java User Group on June 26th and giving a talk on (what else) Continuous Integration and Testing. I’m very curious to see how this year’s A-P CITCON plays out. Last year’s […]

Hello world!

I needed a blog to replace DeveloperTesting. It is frustrating to lose the history of posts and the accumulated Google status, but there’s also something refreshing about a new start. Perhaps in time I’ll resurrect some of the posts that used to live there into a “greatest hits”, but until then please enjoy this clean […]