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Heading to Melbourne

In a couple of days I’ll be heading down to Melbourne for CITCON‘s 2008 Asia-Pacific event. While I’m there I’ll also be visiting the Victorian Java User Group on June 26th and giving a talk on (what else) Continuous Integration and Testing.

I’m very curious to see how this year’s A-P CITCON plays out. Last year’s event in Sydney was our largest event to date, but this year we have even more people registered. At this rate, we will need to close registration and turn people away for the first time! It is true that the crowd in Sydney last year was the least familiar with the Open Space concept. While it all turned out fine there was some rough spots (imho) when it came to activities like refactoring the schedule on Friday night. At most events there are enough people who understand the role of “schedule gnomes” that things move smoothly without Paul and I getting involved, but in Sydney it took a bit of coaching to get that to happen. It’ll be interesting to see if this year, the larger crowd means we hit critical mass in terms of attendees with Open Space experience.

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