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Monthly Archives: July 2008

Good progress on CITCON Amsterdam

Eric Lefevre posted a message to the CITCON mailing list today sharing some information about the upcoming CITCON Amsterdam. We currently have a very similar registration level to where CITCON Brussels ended up last year, but we have more than 2 months to go! I think we’ve every reason to expect great things out of […]

A Quick AlphaLabelIncrementer

On the CruiseControl users mailing list Adam asked for a simple label incrementer that would work with a single character in a series (“a”, “b”, “c”, etc.). Simple enough, but not worth adding to the project, so here it is, test (first) and code. (Suggestions for better sites for sharing code snippets?)

Tic-Tac Change Slides

Back in 2006 Alistair Cockburn and I gave a talk at SDBP on “Creating Change one Tic-Tac at a Time”. As I wrote at the time this talk incorporated ideas from lots of different sources, and I’ve drawn on these ideas on many occasions since then. Most recently I shared some of the slides at CITCON Melbourne […]