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Tic-Tac Change Slides

Back in 2006 Alistair Cockburn and I gave a talk at SDBP on “Creating Change one Tic-Tac at a Time”. As I wrote at the time this talk incorporated ideas from lots of different sources, and I’ve drawn on these ideas on many occasions since then. Most recently I shared some of the slides at CITCON Melbourne during a session on “The People Side of CI“. one big change vs. small changes

I’ve always intended to write a longish blog/article/thing explaining and expanding on the ideas from the original talk and what I’ve learned since (including what came up at the Agile 2007 discovery session). But this isn’t that thing. Instead David Smart, one of the facilitators of the CITCON session, reminded me that I said I’d share the slides. So here are the slides as pdf, and a public commitment to provide more explanation in a future entry.

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