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Speaking at ESDC

The first week of March will be a mix of old and new for me. I’ll be speaking at a new conference, ESDC, the Enterprise Software Development Conference. This conference isn’t just new for me, it is new period, taking over the traditional calendar-slot of the defunct SD West. If you’re interested in attending you […]

A Dissenting Voice

PJ and I just received the feedback from our talk at SDBP on Creating Habitable Code. I was very pleased by our marks, particularly the 8.6 for “Would you recommend this session to a colleague?” But reading the comments, we obviously left at least one attendee unconvinced and unimpressed: What was this? Some of the […]

SDBP ’08, Habitable Code and Early Registration

I’m going to be talking at this year’s Software Development Best Practices in Boston with Paul Julius. Our talk is Creating Habitable Code, and we’ll be drawing on our experience with CruiseControl as our central example. My interest in topics like continuous integration, developer testing and mundane excellence have the common thread of “how do we […]