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SDBP ’08, Habitable Code and Early Registration

See Me at SDBPI’m going to be talking at this year’s Software Development Best Practices in Boston with Paul Julius. Our talk is Creating Habitable Code, and we’ll be drawing on our experience with CruiseControl as our central example.

My interest in topics like continuous integration, developer testing and mundane excellence have the common thread of “how do we maximize our sustainable (and sustained) velocity?” All too often I’ve worked with teams who find their velocity (and their sanity!) suffering because their codebase has grown beyond unwieldy into unlivable. These seems especially common on projects that are long lived, have large teams, or long lived projects with large teams — the common denominator really being the code passing through many hands.

Paul and I think CruiseControl provides an interesting study here because it is a long lived project that has had over 200 successful contributors. The patterns and practices that enabled this would help many of the projects I’ve seen.

(If you’re interested in SDBP but aren’t registered, this a gentle reminder that Early Registration ends this Friday.)

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