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Three Years Already?

It has been three years since my last blog post on this site. I’m guessing most of my readers/friends already know about Still, I like the idea of a recap post, if only for my future self.  Most notable was the publication of Agile Conversations in May of 2020 by IT Revolution Press. IT […]

Registration open for CITCON North America

CITCON North America 2015 will be held in Ann Arbor Michigan on October 2nd & 3rd. Registration opened today with a hard limit of 150 registrations. Why a limit of 150 registrations? Our original inspiration was Dunbar’s number, and the idea that our prefrontal cortex puts a limit on the number of people we can […]

Excited about CITCON Europe 2015

I’m super excited about the upcoming CITCON Europe! As an organizer I’m thrilled with the strong response to the event. It is scheduled in Helsinki for September 11th and 12th and we already have 40 people registered, more than 25% of capacity in just a couple of weeks since we opened registration. But as an attendee what I’m […]

Summary of five years

“What have you been doing these last few years?” was the question Péter Halácsy asked me during my visit to Prezi. I was there for the CTO equivalent of a developer exchange: learning how things were done at Prezi, sharing my observations, and then speaking at the Budapest Jenkins meetup. Prior to my visit Péter had […]

Build Engineer Bootcamp and CITCON Minneapolis

Paul Julius and I have put together a training class for neglected population:  build engineers. We don’t mean release management people exactly, though sometimes they have the build engineer job. No, we mean those people who are told “go write the build script”. Historically the build, like an installer, is a very low status job. […]

Good progress on CITCON Amsterdam

Eric Lefevre posted a message to the CITCON mailing list today sharing some information about the upcoming CITCON Amsterdam. We currently have a very similar registration level to where CITCON Brussels ended up last year, but we have more than 2 months to go! I think we’ve every reason to expect great things out of […]

Tic-Tac Change Slides

Back in 2006 Alistair Cockburn and I gave a talk at SDBP on “Creating Change one Tic-Tac at a Time”. As I wrote at the time this talk incorporated ideas from lots of different sources, and I’ve drawn on these ideas on many occasions since then. Most recently I shared some of the slides at CITCON Melbourne […]

Heading to Melbourne

In a couple of days I’ll be heading down to Melbourne for CITCON‘s 2008 Asia-Pacific event. While I’m there I’ll also be visiting the Victorian Java User Group on June 26th and giving a talk on (what else) Continuous Integration and Testing. I’m very curious to see how this year’s A-P CITCON plays out. Last year’s […]