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Registration open for CITCON North America

CITCON North America 2015 will be held in Ann Arbor Michigan on October 2nd & 3rd. Registration opened today with a hard limit of 150 registrations.

Why a limit of 150 registrations? Our original inspiration was Dunbar’s number, and the idea that our prefrontal cortex puts a limit on the number of people we can model at one time. CITCON is a 100% Open Space conference, and the quality of the event comes from the interaction between attendees. I’ve blogged previously that I believe selection bias is a significant factor in making these interactions successful, and I believe the small size helps as well. After the Friday night opening ceremonies, agenda creation, and social hour, you really do know at least a little bit about every attendee. I believe that helps people engage in the conversations on Saturday, and helps ensure we have good outcomes in most sessions.

If you’re not familiar with the Open Space format and aren’t sure it is for you we have several resources that can offer some reassurance. First there’s a neat introductory video that was put together at CITCON Europe 2009 in Paris. Next, for some examples of what the sessions are actually like, you can visit the Skills Matter website, where they have videos of five of the sessions from CITCON Europe 2011. Finally, and what for me would be most reassuring, is the feedback and notes from attendees from the events going back to 2006! Reading through those blog entries is like watching the evolution of industry on fast forward. Hope you can join us and add your entry to our list.

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