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Why I Write

I’m on Day #2 of the 10 Days to a Better Blog online workshop and the assignment for today  is to meditate and write down the answer to your “why” in terms of your writing, and they even provided a nice template for the content that I’m happy to adopt as my own.

I’m beginning to define and explore the difficult question of why I write and why I want to become a better writer. Here are some of my initial and incomplete thoughts:

  • I aim to reduce suffering in the world of software development through improved practices and improved communication. I believe that the practices and mindsets that make a difference can be taught, and I believe that through writing down what I’ve learned I can reach a wider audience than I do through my working and speaking and meetup activities.

I feel that’s fairly complete. I’ve given a lot of thought over the years to my purpose, my mission, my Why. And thus in the Why | How | What scheme described by Simon Sinek, writing is a How, not a Why.

How to get better at writing? That’s something I’m still working on…

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